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Fully colored picture w/ BG and shading
Shredder's Death by BerrystarLover Mod World poster by BerrystarLover

These take the longest for me to do.

-Limit of five characters per pic.
-10 extra points for extra characters.
Lineless Art
Acadia is gone by BerrystarLover Medicine Heartache by BerrystarLover

These take a little longer, but they're really fun for me to do.

-Limit of five characters for these.
-Must provide colored refs.
Traditional Art
Ember and Turret (Happy Birthday, Spectra615!) by BerrystarLover Future Michelangelo Drawing by BerrystarLover

All of these are drawn on paper and pictures are taken by my camera. Very, very easy for me to do.

-Two character limit.
-Tell me if you want it colored.
-5 extra points to add another character.
Simple picture with BG, no shading or special effects
Dusk! Dusk, no!! by BerrystarLover For The First Time In Forever (Reprise) *Remake* by BerrystarLover Now, we've got some questions... by BerrystarLover

These take a little longer but they're still good.

-Limit of 3 characters her picture.
-Must provide fully colored ref.
-5 extra points for more than one characters.
Simple drawn picture, no BG
Chocolate by BerrystarLover

Also very easy for me

-Limit of three characters.
-5 extra points to add characters.
-Must provide fully drawn and colored refs.
Snow Queen/Princess/King/Prince Maker
Frozen Ember and Jade (Human Forms) by BerrystarLover

These are very easy for me and it'll get done fast

-Limit of two per picture
-Provide what hair, eye, skin, and clothing colors you'd like. Also provide which genders you'd like.

Stolen from :iconmarieandkirby97:



Freddy Fazbear:

[/] You can be sneaky and trick people (sometimes)

[ ] You're considered 'tough' or 'in charge'

[ ] Nobody messes with you

[x] You like to sing, even if you're good or bad at it

[ ] You like having all the attention

[ ] Many people look up to you


TOTAL: 1.5


Chica the Chicken:

[x] You like cooking.

[x] You simply adore food/eating

[x] Pizza is one of your favorite foods

[ ] You're very social

[x] You like to make new friends (depends)

[x] You're an early bird; you get up and move around quickly




Bonnie the Bunny:

[ ] You're almost considered the third wheel

[x] You're very concerned about your friends and family and those you love

[x] People underestimate you

[x] You're tougher than you look

[ ] You're physically disabled/have a born problem

[x] You become attached to your friends and will stop at nothing to protect them




Foxy the Pirate Fox:

[x] You're adventurous

[x] You're shy and closed off to those you aren't close to

[x] You are afraid of making mistakes

[ ] You're swift and nimble

[ ] You've done something that's ruined your entire life

[x] You hate being watched (depends)




Toy Freddy:

[ ] You've replaced someone

[x] Looks can be deceiving to you

[x] People say you look very friendly

[ ] Your friends say you're scary when angry

[/] You can tell when someone's lying (sometimes)

[ ] It's hard to get around you without punishment


TOTAL: 2.5


Toy Chica:

[ ] You've replaced someone

[x] You love fashion

[ ] You like to look your best and put on makeup

[x] You love to party

[x] You like cupcakes

[x] You have a very watchful eye




Toy Bonnie:

[ ] You've replaced someone

[ ] People often mistake you for the opposite gender

[x] You are very clever

[ ] You've copied a certain style or look from someone

[x] You're constantly on the move

[x] It's hard to shake you off once you're onto something





[ ] You've been abused

[x] People pick on you

[x] Your bite is worse than your bark

[x] You feel alone

[x] You don't like it when people push you around

[/] You hold grudges (sometimes)


TOTAL: 4.5


The Puppeteer / Marionette:

[x] People say you're a trickster or a clown; you're goofy (I’m goofy)

[x] You know a lot more than people think you do

[x] You don't like to lose your cool

[ ] Some people say you're evil or two-faced

[x] You are pretty good at solving things

[x] In the end, you like having the last laugh




Balloon Boy:

[x] You act like a child

[ ] You know how to get on peoples' nerves

[ ] You enjoy making people irritated

[x] Some people say you're immature

[x] You laugh at a lot of things, even if some people don't find it funny

[ ] You like to stick close to your friends




Golden Freddy:

[x] You're a downright outcast

[ ] You feel forgotten

[x] You like to strike when people least expect it

[x] People say you're one of a kind

[ ] Something terrible happened to you in your past

[x] You have something unique that sets you away from other people





So…I’m both Chica the Chicken and The Puppeteer/Marionette. Awesome ^^



I tag any FNaF fans who read this! :D

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BerrystarLover's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

The picture above was drawn by the amazing SweetSillenReverie
You rock, girl! :D

I am an animator, a drawer and a writer.

I am looking forwards to getting my dream jobs: An animator and screenplay writer.

Little bit about me: I play both violin and piano, I love watching the new TMNT series, I like playing Pokemon, I absolutely love Five Nights at Freddy's and I am currently trying to learn Spanish, French, German, Danish, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese and Sign Language.
I have decided to go into animating and screenplay writing once I get my Master's degree.

I am currently closed for roleplays until I am finished with my current two!
Current roleplays:
"TMNT: (don't have a name for it yet)" with :iconmarieandkirby97: *COMPLETED AND UPLOADED SOON*
"TMNT: (don't have a name for it yet)" with :iconspectra615:

My idols:

TMNT Couples:
Yvette (my OC) x Donatello
Paige (my OC) x Leo
Jade (my OC) x Blaze (my male OC)
Jade x Dusk (MarieandKirby97's OC)
Michelangelo X April (crack/fanshipping)

My DA Family:

Mom: :iconapriloneil1984:
Dad: :iconfelhesznelenev:
Siblings: :iconrosestarzzy: :iconjojoneon: :icongingerfur123:
Aunts: :iconladyjane2876: :icondramaticalkitten:
Uncle: :iconsilvermooncrystal:
Cousins: :iconmssapphire999: :iconfalco-fan12: :iconreqxiem:
Pets: :iconturtleapp2: :iconinvaderspotty: :iconmarieandkirby97:


:bulletgreen: finished
:bulletblue: Started
:bulletred: 1/4 Done
:bulletorange: Half-Way Done
:bulletpink: 3/4 Done
:bulletpurple: On Hold
:bulletblack: Not Started
:bulletyellow: Upload Soon

Burning Embers (movie) :bulletblack:

Ember opening :bulletblack:

Five Nights at Freddy's: Hidden Lore :bulletblack:

Lost AMV: Broken :bulletblack:

Mistystar's Omen (full movie) :bulletblack:

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Foxy Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
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██████ if your
---██--- not embarrased
---██--- to tell
---██--- others that
---██--- you're a Christian


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OMG! Yes! I would love to do TMNT/FNaF crossover RP...with all our TMNT OCs! (I think I'm going to lol so hard when I see what the girls do once they see the animatronics...:XD:)
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Who should send the first note and start?
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So...should it be based off of the first game or the second game?

Here's some gameplays if you want to learn more about both games: (warning: strong language)
FNaF 2:…
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